Music, love and passion for a crazy full adventure life.

An Argentinian and a French, going in harmony with the life that will delight whoever will meet them on their way, happy to have known their history and especially to have appreciated their music.

Five years after their meeting, 
they are coming back 
in Quebec 2019 
for a new story!

I tell you the story …. Yannick accordion and Luciano guitarist meets on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. From a new adventure begins for our two troubadours …

We two gringo begin to play in the streets of Santa Marta, the hat fills, and the Colombian public enjoy this new musical mix. Then the restaurants, the buses, our two men surprise themselves, because their dreams finally begin, live music while traveling !

« Let’s go to Bogotá, conquer the Colombian capital heart !  »

They arrive in the city center, la Candelaria, in a rather crazy hotel full of artists. Every day they start playing in the subway, the street, the markets and some contracts in the bars, hotels and restaurants. 

A musical repertoire enriched with Colombian, Argentinian, French influence …. and allows our two crazy young to flourish and progress very quickly.

After 4 months in Bogotá, the duo will leave a mark of his appearance on TV and some radio interviews. They take the direction of Ecuador via Cali or they meet a Argentine tango duet that will open the door for a new musical inspiration, the tango.

How to pay for the trip ?
Let’s play on the bus, it will pay the trip, « 
and indeed, wow the magic works!

En dejar influenciarse y aprender de cada musico viajero que te cruzes en el viaje , y dejar fluir la energia y la magia que cada uno lleva dentro, aprender que la musica no es solo tocar, es liberar la energia que cada uno lleva.

Arrived in Ecuador, Montanita, a very touristy seaside town of the Pacific, they start playing near the restaurant to do the hat, concert in the street and on the beach. Very quickly some contracts in restaurants and hotels.

Some good evening watered, and after 1 me on the Pacific beach in Ecuador, our troubadours take the direction of the argentine through the peru and bolivia.

Arrived in Peru and Bolivia, they start playing in the steps, and to their surprise, the magic continues to work. At the border, Argentina is felt and Luciano returns to his land. How to play in the village of Tilcara in the north where they will meet a lot of musician, and an open scene is improvised in the center of the village …

It was 5 years ago …

Hoy, en 2019
Estamos en Quebec !